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Maximillian Mørch

 Author and Researcher


Maximillian is a researcher currently based in Yangon who specialises in political, developmental and human rights issues across Asia.


Maximillian has conducted research for organisations including the Karen Human Rights Group, Progressive Voice Myanmar, Human Rights Without Frontiers and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.


His research has focused on a wide range of issues including labour camps and judicial reform in Myanmar, the legal status of Tibetan refugees, migrant workers in Thailand and identity and citizenship in Nepal. He has published over 50 articles, 1 book & co-authored 8 in-depth thematic reports.

He is the author of "By the Way of the Border: Travels around the frontiers and beyuls of Nepal", published by Vajra Books in 2019. He is currently working on a history of political activism in the Terai region of southern Nepal.

On this website is a small selection of Maximillian’s published writing, find him on Twitter at @max_morch.